Friday, May 01, 2009

This soooo sucks.... far this sucks. I woke up every two hours having to pee because of the medication they put me on. Less sleep here than in the hospital. Then, I woke up around 3 to pee once again and they had my rails up like I suddenly became an 89 year old patient with dementia. Rang the bell and was told I'm not allowed to transfer to my chair without help (HELLO I've been doing that since I got the damn thing in September) AND I'm not allowed to get dressed in the morning with out OT's help. O.K, O.K. Trying to be rational here for just a minute (before all rationality leaves for the duration of my stay). I completely get the OT dressing thing. They want to see how much help I need with adaptive equipment. Even I will admit I need some help in that area. I can also understand the wheelchair transfer, to a degree. However, my main issue, is that they didn't tell me all this crap in advance. Don't have me wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder and have to wait on a call light when I've been getting up previously without help. When I want to get up and get dressed, don't tell me THEN I can't. Tell me this stuff the night before so I know what to expect. If you tell me what the plan of care is, I'm more than cooperative. Spring stuff of me and I'm a lot less apt to be really happy. I'm not a brain injured patient who doesn't understand. Just because my body may not cooperate doesn't mean my brain doesn't either! O.K. rant over.


JC said...

Welcome to Rehab !!!

They wouldn't let me do anything without someone there to help. I remember buzzing away to use the 'room' and having to wait forever. Memories ...

I hope today goes better.

My Mom used to tell me .. This too shall pass.

Webster said...

Um, what if you just CAN'T wait? What then?