Thursday, May 07, 2009

Three Thirty in the morning and not all is well......

If I had two good legs to stand on I'd kick myself is the ass. HARD. If I've learned ANYTHING in Rehab, I've learned that nothing when it comes to the use of my body is easy or natural anymore. Just about everything requires conscious thought and effort. Put this hand here, shift this much of your left hip here, grasp this handle at the exact moment with your right hand as your left hip slides here, etc. Well, last night I was a bit overtired and stressed and didn't consciously think about a step. As a result I either didn't do it correctly or omitted it altogether. (You MSers see this one coming don't you)? Yep, you guessed it. BOOM. My keister and left ankle presented themselves right on the floor. HARD. (Of course, the weight had to land on the left ankle. The very ankle that's stiffening, has foot drop and is the most vulnerable. Why, oh why is it always the most vulnerable part of our bodies we land on)?? Fortunately, nothing broken. Just immediate swelling of the ankle and pain. The staff has been great. I've had ice packs on it all night long and pain medication which has helped with both. It actually looks O.K. 7 hours post fall. I still have some swelling, but it's minimal, and I don't see much if any bruising. (Bruising in other areas but not there). I just hope that this doesn't make them want to keep me in here longer. I have been SO careful and pushed myself so hard to pay attention and follow all their instructions to the letter to avoid falls. Not only here, but when I get home. So needless to say I'm frustrated at myself. I know falls are still going to happen. It's the nature of MS, I was just hoping to at least avoid one in Rehab. :( On a completely different topic. I've noticed some of your blogs actually have the comments posted after each entry instead of simple stating the number of comments made. How the heck do you do that??? I have tried and tried to format my blog that way and can't. Can someone send me the instructions on how to do that? THANKS!!-Kim

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JC said...

I'm sorry you fell. Glad you didn't break anything.

Go to layout. Click 'settings'. Click 'comments'. From there you select the features you want.

I have ... full page selected as my comment form. That might be the difference.