Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outpatient Rehab begins.......and reaching out

Today was day one of outpatient rehab. Most of the time was spent with my physical therapist completing an assessment questionnaire in a private office. We probably spent about 20 minutes in actual therapy time. He wanted to make sure I could safely transfer using the slide board and then show him the exercises I do at home. We didn't try any knee/leg braces today, so no attempt to walk with a walker. I don't go back to therapy until next Tuesday. Then, we're going to start trying different things to stabilize the left leg. (It goes into spasms when I attempt to weight bear or even too much movement). Even though we didn't do much work, I'm exhausted! It was nice to see the therapists and nurses that took such great care of me again. Going there felt like I was going back to a "safe place". Which revealed a lot to me. Means that for me, right now, the world outside rehab is a scary place to be. So, I'm going to work on that and the place to start is by finding someone that I can talk to. I've been through a lot in the past few years and I think this exacerbation simply put me at the very top of what I can deal with and adjust to without professional help. I think very few folks could have adjusted to total deafness, complications related to the deafness, and the MS all within a 4 year period without reaching the top of what they can deal with. I don't think it makes me weak, I think it actually makes me stronger by reaching out for help. So, as usual, I'll keep you all posted.


JC said...

Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. When my physical therapy guy would come to my house, I would be exhausted after he was done.

I can only relate to you a bit due to what I've been through myself the last few years. Nothing even close to what you though ...

Keep trying to find peace ...

Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,

It does make you stronger but sometimes it would be nice not to have to become so bloody strong.

Take care.