Wednesday, March 23, 2011

busy, busy, busy

Wouldn't it be great if MS took a break when life got tough? We've been dealing with a stressfull family issue for the past 6 months (my pop has been really sick). As if it's not bad enough to deal with that level of stress I had to do my best to conceal my returning MS symptoms from my family. All my family need was to worry about me as well. So, I kept on pushing myself. Past the wall of MS. I think I did fairly well. There was only one day that I was there (in two weeks), that I allowed myself to succumb to the train wreck fatigue that comes with MS. Other than that one day I waited until I got home to really let myself go. I hit the bed and didn't get out of it for three days (other that for a doctor's appointment the day after I got home. I am so tired of MS controlling my life. The meds, the shots, the balance problems, the cognitive issues, the fact that I often have hard time speaking. UGH The list could go on and on.