Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Alien battle

Last night was no fun. I have struggled with increasing muscle spascity for the past two days. Not unexpected considering the physical therapy. Yesterday, the physiatrist came in and added Roboxin to try and help the horrible muscle spasms I started having during PT. When I crawled into bed everything started off well. Then, suddenly, with no warning as usual, the nerves in my legs just went nuts. The twitched all night long. No mater what I did or the staff tried eased them. They weren't the painful spasticity that I had after PT, thank goodness, but the firm twitching. You MSers know the type. The twitching that indicates you have an alien life form trying to push it's way out of your body through your legs. Every time "it" would settle down and I'd doze off the battle for inhabitation of my body would begin again. Of course, ultimately it was a draw. Neither successfully won the battle and I'm exhausted today with a full therapy schedule. Perfect. Well, I'm off to wheel to breakfast to see what kind of yummy choices I have for breakfast this morning. Blog at you later!


JC said...

When I check on you later, I expect a full report on your DELICIOUS breakfast .. LOL.

I told you I'm in a chair in your room, drinking my morning coffee, listening to you telling me all about what's going on ... old body wise and mentally.

So, were you in a sorority in college ? Or were you GDI and just went to the frat parties ?

JC said...

I am giving you the 'Life is Grand' Award. Please go to my blog to see what I said about you.

You need to give it to five blogs you thing are Grand.

( You don't have to give the 'award' out but I wanted to give it to you. So when you have time you can go to my blog. )