Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Day done......

Well...I have now completed my first full week here in Rehab. and I gotta tell you I am EXHAUSTED. I live for 7 p.m. when I'm able to get into bed and get to sleep. Fortunately, I didn't break my ankle when I fell last night. It's a little swollen and has a small amount of bruising, but thankfully nothing more serious. The worst part is the darn discomfort. Sprains hurt! My goal for this evening. NO FALLING! Thankfully tomorrow is Friday and on Saturday I'm being sprung on a 4 hour pass. Long enough to get my hair trimmed and have a late lunch with my wonderful husband. I can't wait! Then, all going well I'll be discharged on Tuesday. Of course now the big issue is waiting to see what the insurance will cover and what they won't. So, frankly were not holding our breath depending on them for much. Sad reality is that even those with insurance can't get the things they need. Pathetic isn't it. I'm being fitted with my brace for the left foot and ankle tomorrow. Won't find out until after the fact if the insurance will cover that. I would think they would, but I'm not counting on anything for sure! I still can't figure out how to get everyone's comments to show following each post. I may have to change the actually layout. Well, enough for today. I'm pooped. Unless of course something amusing happens! Night all!

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Melody said...

woop woop! for 4 hour passes!
I bet your sick of the medicalised scene aye?