Monday, May 04, 2009

I walked...Ok maybe I shuffled.

Just got back from PT. I told them my goal was to get upright and walk with the walker in the brace. Wow....was it tough. Just getting upright in the brace is an adjustment because of the way it holds my foot and ankle. Once upright, belt around the waist with the physical therapist holding on with a death grip, I was ready. One....two....three. OK, try again. One....two...three. slide the left foot forward toes pointing up, put toes down, knee bobbles, leg shakes and foot is down. Phew step one. YEAH! No time to celebrate though. Not with the therapist telling me, "tighten your butt, squeeze your thighs, bend your knee before you step" (Keeping in mind I can't FEEL my thingh muscles or butt) . Just trying to follow the instructions was daunting. Heck, frankly trying to stay UPRIGHT was daunting. I made it about 10 shuffling steps before the dizziness and nausea hit. I had to sit in the chair for a few. Waited about 10 minutes for it to pass and made attempt number two. Made it to the matt before the horrible muscle spascity hit. OMG. There is NOTHING more painful than muscle spascity. My entire left leg from the hip down was locked up. Nothing remotely fun about spasticity. I am very excited I got out of the chair. Thrilled in fact. Hope to do a repeat on a daily basis!

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awb said...

Good for you, give em hell! Spasticity in an AFO brace is painful, especially without and articulated ankle.