Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I've always wondered why MS flares up with weather changes. Is it changes in the barometric pressure? Coincidence? Too hot and your current symptoms get worse and when the weather changes and brings rain or cold flare-ups seem to abound.

Train wreck fatigue has come for a visit. My fault. I pushed too hard to keep up with family over Thanksgiving. My own stupidity combined with the long drive was enough to push my "normal" fatigue level through the roof. As a result I've spent the past two days in bed.

I start physical theraphy tomorrow. I requested my physician get the authorization for me prior to the holiday. I'm hoping that PT will help slow down the atrophy that's been occurring in my left leg. Also hoping that maybe it will help me build up my stamina. I figure it will either help me or knock me on my keister.