Friday, May 08, 2009

Finally...the week is over

I'm done, totally toast. Exhausted. Thankfully, it's Friday and my therapy is done for the week. I'm out of here for four hours tomorrow on pass (can't wait). Going to get my hair cut and enjoy a nice meal with my husband. Of course, even though the insurance company has had all the orders for the equipment I'll need when I get home since Wednesday morning, not a single thing has been authorized. Including the brace I was supposed to be fitted for today. Of course, now it's Friday afternoon and 4:45 so the likelihood of anything, including the brace getting approved today is slim to none. Which means there is a great possibility I won't have it before I'm discharged on Tuesday. Not that it really makes a difference I guess as I'm not walking. However, not having it will increase the possibility of a fall during transferring with the foot drop. Guess they would rather pay for hospital stays and ER visits than authorize things in a timely manner in order to prevent further problems. Silly me for thinking that way. I hope my MS behaves tonight and decided not to play Jeopardy with my body parts. I could use the uninterrupted sleep

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