Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just another day in rehab

Well, at least breakfast was hot today! Of course it was pretty tasteless so I only ate a few bites, but it's was better than nothing and it COULD have been worse. It could have been cold and tasteless! LOL This morning started off with breakfast and a rousing bout of PT. PT. Physical Torture. Where you learn not only how weak your muscles really are, but that there are true sadists in the world. They are merely called Physical Therapists. Yeah, Yeah, I know. They are really trying to help, but seriously. When the nerves don't innervate the muscle what exactly are you helping??On the positive side. I've learned a better way of getting in and out of my chair. It still feels awkward, but it's safer. My right leg in still strong, thank God, but I can barely weight bear with the left leg it's so weak. So I have to make sure that when I have to pivot to get into a bed or chair I don't have to rely of the left at all. The staff here really is great. I know they try to answer the lights as quickly as they can but I swear, each patient needs two lights. One to push for a bathroom run and one to push for everything else. I'm not waiting for the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Fall Precautions or not I'm wheeling to the bathroom if my light isn't answered in 2 minutes. With bladder problems I can't wait and I know they are already waiting to start a cath freaking way.

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Webster said...

There is no possible way I could've waited for assistance when I "had to go." I completely understand your breaking the rules when it comes to getting to the bathroom on time. Priorities, ya' know?