Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting ready for home

Being on on pass yesterday was just great. I came back very tired, but it was a GOOD tired. I had my hair cut, my nails done and enjoyed a completely unhealthy, wonderfully edible lunch with my husband. In other words, the only thing that would have made the day any more perfect was if I had gone home to stay! Today has been a quiet day. No therapy which has been nice. Meant today has been really relaxing. Unfortunately, I'm having A LOT of problems with muscle spasticity on the right side. The kind where my toes draw under each other and my foot just locks up and is rigid. Freakin painful. So, I've taken every medication I can take to try and get it to ease up. Not much luck yet. It's frustrating when you can't point out an exact reason or stimulus that causes everything to lock up. More frustrating is the pain. Ouch doesn't even begin to cover it. Tomorrow will be my last full day here in rehab. The staff has been great here and as challenging as the experience has been, I'm glad I came. While there were several dark days here, I know I wouldn't be a functional as I am without this experience and the hard work that not only I put in, but the staff and my husband as well. I'm not naive enough to begin to believe that the hard part is over. I know I'll have more challenges at home. Challenges we haven't even thought about yet. Not to mention outpatient therapy 3 days a week. I also know that it's the great support group and faith we have that will get my husband and I through whatever else comes our way. Our first big task at home will be making our kitchen more "Kimberly" friendly again. We'll be moving plates, bowls, cups and glass wear down from the upper cabinets into the lower drawers. (Which is actually quite the rage in new kitchens so we'll just be keeping up with the current trend)! We will also be having a mirror installed behind the cook top stove so I can see into pans on the stove. That way I can keep cooking! The challenge is going to be finding either a company to order the mirror from (It has to be mounted and be able to be angled) or create something that will work. If anyone has any links to web sites or ideas please let me know! I wonder if this is the place where I admit that as excitted as I am to be going home, I'm actually pretty nervous about it too. Yep, think it is

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JC said...

I'm glad you're almost going home !!! I'm assuming your therapy is at home for a while. Mine was. It will be tiring. The therapy wore me out.