Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rehab Today

Just finished my YUMMY hospital breakfast (NOT) and am waiting to speak to my case manager to find out the details of time etc. I can expect to transfer to Health South Rehab. Funny, I haven't seen hide nor hair of my case manager since Monday even though I have left several messages for her to come see me. You think it would be a priority to see a patient being discharged to a rehab facility wouldn't you? I'm actually looking forward to getting to rehab. I know it will be a lot of work, but if it helps me regain even a little independence back it will be well worth any work I need to do. It will be interesting to see what adaptive equipment my supposed "Great" insurance will pay for. So far they've even denied the shower chair. Can you imagine? Denying a shower chair for someone in a wheelchair. Then I wonder why I'm not surprised. The great thing is that the Rehab center I'm going to has a specific MS program. I'm going to be talking to them about the machine I use with Dr. Rhodes. I hope they are open minded enough to at least explore the possibility of me being able to use it while I'm there. So, this will be my last blog until I get settled in to Rehab. hanks for all the warm emails of support. Each on has been deeply appreciated. Kim

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JC said...

After my coma, I was transferred quite a few times, to different departments. The last one was a rehab wing of the same hospital. I was there for a week. I asked to be released early to go home with therapists coming to my house. Not ms rehab but still learning to walk again type of rehab. To reuse my hands rehab.

I hope your new place will help you like it helped me. Take it one day at a time.

I'll be checking in on you tomorrow.