Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Arrived home yesterday afternoon. Exhilarated, exhausted, overwhelmed and scared. All rolled into one. Anxiously awaiting the reunion with my animals. (I have to admit that while I LOVE both of my pets equally, Maggie is my favorite, but I don't let that out). My arrival home was rather anti climatic. Of course Toonie in typical dog fashion was jumping all over the place and running through out the house in her gleeful expression of having mom home after several weeks away Maggie, on the other hand, stretched, flicked her tail and promptly walked away. Her body language clearing voicing her displeasure at having been "abandoned" without her consent. Ahhh...cats. Coming home has been a real adjustment. While I worked my butt off in rehab it was easier there. Easier to get around, easier to problem solve because the environment was set up FOR wheelchair use. Not here. The doors are too freaking narrow, the carpet is hard to roll on and there are too many obstacles to get around. It's easy to become very frustrated and quickly behind frustration flows a river of anger. I'm taking FIFTEEN prescriptions now. Can you imagine. MS has attacked my body to the point that I need a medication to make sure I can even pee. Pathetic. I'm still as determined to continue with therapy to see what I can get back as far as strength and function. Honestly, I'd be happy if they could just figure out a way to stabilize my left knee so I can walk around my kitchen with the walker. The rest we can work on over time and therapy. Mark left for the valley last night. He is in the dental chair as we speak. I told him NOT to come home today, just stay in the valley and decompress. As hard as the past few weeks have been on me, they have been just as difficult for him. He needs time to breathe. He'll be heading to AZ on Thursday for a graduation that I am so upset I'm not strong enough to travel to, but it is what it is. He will be home on Saturday or Sunday, hopefully with his batteries partially recharged. So, today begins day one at home. Learning the best ways to do things and setting up routines. I have MD appointment this afternoon, so it begins. I'll keep you all posted!


Webster said...

You take a pill to pee. I hope it works for you. I'd classify you as a "failure to go."

I, on the other hand am a "failure to store." I went through, lessee, oxybutunin, DetrolLA, Vesicare, and Sanctura to keep me from peeing. LOL.

I wasn't even a candidate for intermittent self-cathing - at least it was never presented as an option. My vision is so bad it's just as well.

Now I'm pretty used to having a tube sticking out of my low abdomen and being attached to one type of bag or another all the time. Believe me, it's better than wearing Depends, even though there was a time I was (almost) happy with Depends, the SP is better.

JC said...

I was wondering how you were doing. Thanks for letting us know.

Cats ... they will forgive.