Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update on treatments

The STS treatments are going really well. Right now they take up a lot of my time hooking myself up three times a day. Who cares, it's really helped my pain level (I now don't have ANY) and I'm starting to sleep! If the treatments do nothing else, I'm a happy camper! I've also noticed a big difference in my fatigue level. While my energy level isn't anywhere near where I'd like it to be, it's been about 50% better since I started on the machine. With the improvements I've already seen I'm very hopeful my insomnia will be relieved and it will keep my pain level under control. As far as the MS, that's going to be a much slower process. So the jury is still out on that. I asked my MD to increase the dose on my antidepressant yesterday. Depression is a very common problem with MS. Fortunately, while I may be stubborn, I'm not stupid. Depression is nothing to mess around with. So, she doubled my dose. I'll know in another week or so if it's helping. I got a call from the folks bringing my wheelchair. It will be here in about an hour. Big freaking yippee. Of course, after the near fall I took this morning I think my husband will be very relieved when it's here. I'll adjust. Were also waiting for insurance approved for a lightweight rigid chair. They said we would know by next Friday. That would be a chair custom made for me, easier to maneuver and customizable (Ahhh a way to express my personality...perhaps I'll have it painted in a leopard skin print). Of course, the hope is that in a few months they are in the GARAGE. On a positive note.....if I have to stay in the next summer my arms will be BUFF! (OK....I'm REACHING for the positive I admit it).

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