Saturday, September 27, 2008


I swear Tivo is the best invention since the automobile. I'm doing my treatments for the evening while I'm watching the premier of Hero's, which I the other night. I'm glad the fall season has started as watching the programs keeps my mind busy while I do my evening treatments. I don't watch many programs as i feel most of the stuff on TV is garbage. Ever since Sex and the City ended on HBO, little on TV has managed to keep my attention. I watch Hero's, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Ghost Whisperer. That's about it. The great thing about Tivo is that I can watch my shows when I want to watch them. Stop them, and finish them over a period of time. Anyway, I digress from the topic of the evening.....pondering. Wondering what the future holds now that I've moved from the cane and walker into the chair phase. Fortunately, I still have the use of my legs. Although I'm falling on a daily basis. Including today when I try NOT to use the chair. My poor knees are scuffed up and rug burned from falling. Of course, the battle with the insurance companies has started and will take up most of my time and energy fighting them. Here's irony for you. They authorized the wheelchair, and denied the shower chair. Go figure. I think they have just given me a taste of the battles to come. So, not only do I have to do battle each day with MS, I now have to start preparing to do battle with the insurance companies. Great.

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