Saturday, September 20, 2008


My wheelchair was delivered. I am sitting in it as I type. Quite and adjustment let me tell you. One I'll make over the next few days. One of the things I love about a new car is the "new car smell". I always wish I could make it last forever. Well, new wheelchairs have a "new wheelchair smell". I think it stinks LOL. Although that could also be my mindset over being in a wheelchair to begin with. My husband and I made a "rolling" tour of our home. It's an entirely new perspective. What think we had that blocked my "rolling" path from room to room. A pleasant surprise was that there aren't very many changes that have to be made. Moving the hamper in the laundry room, making sure the office door is open so I can back into it from the hall way to get into the second bathroom etc. Fortunately the layout of my kitchen with the center island leaves more than enough room for me to get around in the kitchen. We had to push the recliners forward a bit in the family room so I could get between the island chair and them. All in all not to bad in the house department. I won't be able to get outside without help. Once I'm outside everything is fine. So, we'll be working on ordering some threshold ramps. Of course my dog is a bit confused. He has to get up every time I want to get past where he is (he was 119 pounds at his last weigh in. He is a massive Golden lab). He'll catch on after awhile, or he'll just find a spot where I rarely go to lie down! Poor fella. Maggie (my cat) hasn't come near me in the chair. I don't know if she's afraid of it or what. (Maybe she doesn't like the smell either LOL).

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