Friday, September 05, 2008

Another HUGE Blessing

As you know, I'm heading to Texas to start treatments on Monday. Of course, insurance won't cover any of this. The treatment is 100% covered if you have a chronic pain condition, but not for MS. Even with a MD referral. Here's when God and friends work miracles. When I sent an email out to my friends telling them I was going and about the expense. I also include information about the machine. A few days later I received an email from my friend Deb telling me she found the machine on eBay! I went to eBay a lo and behold there it was! I verified it was the correct machine with Marybeth (my guest blogger) and it was! Opening bid was 375. I had a competing bidder but we still won the auction and saved enough that the difference is covering our airfare and hotel for the week! Praise God and thank you Deb! I would NEVER have thought to look on eBay! The machine is just a few months old. I just received it about 10 minutes ago. (We paid for overnight air shipping as the auction just closed yesterday). Just shows that God DOES provide in times of need and angels aren't just beings with wings (THANKS DEB).

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MS. ME said...

YEAH!! So glad you got it! Ebay isn't as evil as some people say, huh? I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason - there is a plan and a path, sometimes we need nudges and sometimes we need pushes!! Then, we're lucky when we're carried!! Keep the faith!