Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treatment cut short

Darn Ike anyway. Thankfully, Ike has decided (at least for now but no one really knows for sure until he makes landfall) to veer right. Which means that Corpus Christy won't bear the brunt of his ire. Unfortunately, some other area will. Looks like we will have heavy rain here. Hopefully nothing more. However, because of the severe weather the clinic decided to close until Monday, which means no more treatments in the clinic. Fortunately, I have the protocols and the machine, so I'm still be receiving treatments, just not new testing and "tweaking". It also means I'll be returning to Texas a bit sooner than I would have, but that could be fun :) The pain in my left shoulder and hip is completely gone following each treatment. At this point I'm getting about 2-3 hours of total pain relief. It's amazing. I add a second treatment in the afternoon for me hip which gets me through almost until my evening treatment. Can't beat that! So far, just on that basis alone I'm thrilled with how it's gone. As far as the MS, time will tell, but I'm optimistic.
So, we will be here waiting out IKE and hoping to catch a flight out of here on Sunday. Not much "touristy" things to do this weekend as everything will be closed with the storm. We're even changing rooms tomorrow as our current room is on the 3rd floor and facing the direction of the storm. So we're going to the first floor in another area. Our plan is just to relax, wait it out, enjoy quiet time with each other, and then get home!

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