Sunday, September 07, 2008

Arrived in Texas

We have arrived in Texas! What a day. Getting through security at LAX went remarkably smooth. As I'm someone who always has to go to the "special" security area because of all the equipment with my bilateral cochlear implants, I'm used to an often pretty darn complete patting down. This time they didn't touch me at all. Just the wand. First time ever! I thought, "hey this is off to a great start". We flew Southwest. This was my first experience with Southwest. Did you know there is no such thing as assigned seating on Southwest?! Nope, first come first served. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective.....and I choose fortunately :) We were the 4th to board because I'm "special need". So we got bulkhead seating. (Which means no one in front of us a TONS of leg room). Yeehaw! happened. An unaccompanied, no more than 5 years old, girl was seated directly behind me. Next to her sat a 2 year old and his mother. No biggie. I LIKE kids. Until you spend 2+ hours in the air hearing the 2 year old cry/screech THE ENTIRE TIME and at your back you feel kick, kick, kick, PUSH for 2 hours. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! Fortunately I just got to the point I turned the volume off both my implants. Ahhhhh blessed SILENCE. Unfortunately, I still had kick, kick, kick, PUSH. At one point Mark was ready to say something, but I was able to talk him out of it. There was no point. The 5 year old wasn't accompanied by an adult and the LAST thing I wanted was an ANGRY unaccompanied 5 year old behind me. Kick, kick, kick, PUSH, I could deal with. The mom couldn't help her two year old was being a......."challenge". Ahhh...beverage service (you know they don't feed you). I ordered a coffee. On other airlines when you sit at the bulk head your tray folds out of the arm of your chair or they bring one that fits on the arm. Not Southwest! No tray AT ALL. So there I am, trying to balance hot coffee, my book and the granola bar they give you. (No peanuts...granola choice). (Did I tell you they wouldn't let me put my purse under my seat because as the male flight attendant put it, "That space belongs to the passenger behind you".....ummmm both passengers behind Mark and I were children with no carry on's. So, the entire flight my purse was across the aisle 2 rows down while the space remained empty beneath both our seats). However, the BEST part of the flight was at the end......when the female flight attendant SANG TO US OVER THE INTERCOM SYSTEM!!! Believe me when I say when the plane landed we were the FIRST off! LOL. I just can't WAIT to fly Southwest home! Once we landed everything was uneventful. No lost luggage, no snags with the rental car. Perfect. So perfect in fact we decided to stop in San Antonio and see the Alamo. Neither Mark or I had ever been. We were lucky and got parking that was close. So ever though it was HOT it wasn't too much for me. The drive to Corpus Christi took a little over 2 hours. Everything is so GREEN here. Unlike Southern and Central California where because of the drought, everything has been brown for the past few years. So it was a nice drive. Were staying just a few miles away from the clinic, so it shouldn't be a problem getting there. My appointment is at 10 (8 pacific time). When we checked in somehow the topic of why I'm here came up with the desk clerk. He replied that "Whatever that doctor does he must do right, folks come from all over to see him". That actually made me feel even better! Well....even though it's early, 7:45 pacific time, my body is telling me it's done for the day, and I'm smart enough to listen. I'll blog more tomorrow and let you know how the first day of treatment goes!

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