Tuesday, September 23, 2008


No, I'm definitely NOT going to count MS in the Blessings category today. In fact I'm not going to blog about MS in this blog entry. The purpose of this blog is to thank all the wonderful friends and family I have that support me and love me unconditionally. Especially my husband. They read my blog daily and then send me emails asking questions, offering support and their endless love. They don't comment publicly on the blog, they prefer to keep their comments private. One of the reasons I am able to keep from leaping into the abyss of depression that yells my name is because of them. They each seem to know instinctively when I'm wavering and one of them will email or call. Like my brother did this morning. His timing couldn't have been more perfect. (I will restate to him...wheelies are out). So this is a very public Thank you and I love you too to each of you.

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