Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Treatment Day Two....and Awaiting Hurricane Ike

Today we only spent a little over two hours at the clinic. The two hours was filled with testing new protocols then running the two new protocols the Doctor chose for me based on today's results. One of the new protocols is specifically geared for my left hip. I had a bad fall in May and really messed up my pelvis and left hip. The pelvis healed with the left side tilted incorrectly, leaving me with chronic pain in the hip. After I had the treatment for the first time since May 18th my left hip was absolutely PAIN FREE. So, I can tell you, if you know of anyone who suffers from chronic pain, send them the link on this blog for Dr. Rhodes. I also had the opportunity while I was at the clinic to meet another MSer who was there for treatment. She has been using the machine for a month and was there for a "tune up" of the machine and a follow-up. She lives in Texas and makes the 9 hour drive to see Dr. Rhodes. When she started treatment she could barely walk, had hand tremors and apparently was in pretty bad shape. Well she is now walking without any assistive device, I saw no hand tremors and she said she is sleeping a solid 8 every night. She was very excited about the results she had seen after just one month. Personally, I would be happy if my hip pain would go away forever, I would sleep at night and it would stop my muscle spasticity. Not to mention stop the progression of MS. Time will tell. I do know the my left hip pain was totally gone for about 2 hours following the use of the machine, my energy level after using the machine is WAY up. I also noticed something else, my mood is VERY calm. I'm very relaxed, like I've had a massage. I felt this way yesterday too. It's amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing MY progress in a month, then 6 months from now. I have to be honest. I came to do this really HOPING it would help, but very skeptical. I'm becoming more of a believer. I'm DEFINITELY a believer it helps with pain control. I just hope I can actually complete my round of treatments here. We are in Corpus Christi and, like everyone else on the coast of Texas following to see where Ike lands. At this point all anyone knows is Texas IS Ikes intended target. Just where in Texas he will hit is still up for speculation. Of course, being on the coast, and depending on how far away the direct hit is, we will see some of Ike's ire. So, we made sure the tank on the rental car is full in case they issue mandatory evacuation for Corpus. I've been through a tornado, rode many an earthquake in California....so heck, why not experience a hurricane?

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