Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post Ike

Corpus Christi got VERY lucky and dodged Ugly Ike. Originally, Ike was predicted to make landfall here at Corpus as a category 4, until he decided to veer left. Here at Corpus we had wind yesterday evening, dark skies and nothing else. Not even any rain! We're flying out of here tomorrow. What an adventure! Of course, watching the news reports out of Eastern Texas is heartbreaking. Makes me glad to live in earthquake county where 99% of shakers are small, non-damage producing and just enough to unnerve you. No such thing an a non-damaging hurricane or tornado (Even if it hits a corn field it just wiped out a farmers crops). So, my husband and I will go home tomorrow. Thankful we live where we do. Of course, I'm due to come back in another 6 weeks. Hopefully, AFTER hurricane season is over!

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