Friday, September 05, 2008

A New Day

Finally! It appears that all the steroid side effects are gone and now the waiting fame begins. Where I wait the 4-6 weeks after steroid treatment to see which of the "new" symptoms and the worsening of the old are permanent, and which will resolve. Yesterday was a frustrating MS day. As I blogged earlier, I am now on Neurontin for the muscle spasticity. For the first week it was a God send. NO spasticity! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful that was. It basically made me almost pain free. Then, a few days ago the spasticity came back. My feet and legs spasmed constantly, but it wasn't painful. Just annoying. Anytime I got bored I could watch the "alien" show beneath my skin. Then, they started getting painful again. The pain increased daily. Finally yesterday while I was driving my entire left leg from hip down spasmed so severely that I had to pull off the road. I was in so much pain and it lasted so long I seriously thought about calling someone to come get me! Finally it subsided and I made the drive home. Had a conversation over the phone with the NP in my doctors office and she added a 4th dose of the Neurontin to my day. Today is day 2 with the 4th dose, so I take 300mg 4 times a day. So, we'll see. I FEEL good. Tired as usual, but good. Dying to get back to work (I know there's got to be a DSM diagnosis for that), and back to my "normal" life which has been on hold since mid May. Hopefully, the treatments I'll start in a few days in Texas will help get me there.

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