Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Strikes

We were unable to get a flight out so we will be riding Ike out in Corpus Christi. Fortunately for us, Ike veered right, so while we expect heavy rain and some wind here, we should be spared the experience the poor folks in Eastern Texas are going through. We have, however, prepared. (To reassure my family and friends). We have water, candles, sandwiches, granola bars and most importantly Beer, wine, cheese and cracker. (Hey if you got to ride it out may as well do it in style). Of course, the irony doesn't escape me. I come to Texas for medical treatment. We plan it so we miss Gustav and then Ike decides NOT to follow where he was supposed to go....up the Atlantic coast! We will be fine in Corpus......pray for those in Eastern Texas. Those poor folks on the coast there won't have anything to come home to.

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