Monday, September 08, 2008

Treatment Day One

Pain Free At Last!
What a day! I spent almost 4.5 hours at the clinic today being evaluated by two MD's (Dr. Rhodes and an Orthopedic to make sure none of my problems were orthopedic in nature). Was Xray'd. Had a nerve conduction test on both arms and both legs. Circulation tests. Then, the hooked me up and did all kinds of protocol testing on me with a computer to find the right protocols for me. Not only did he develop a protocol for my general MS symptoms, but also a protocol for my shoulders which have been bothering me for months. It's an amazing process. Your all wired up and it looks like something you would see in Dr. McCoy's office in Star Trek! After they did the computer testing (during which time they run protocols on you with stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. All the while they have a temperature probe on each forefinger. The fluctuations in your temperature tells them to what degree your sympathetic nervous system is being stimulated. It was really amazing. My sympathetic nervous system is so messed up with the MS that my body temperature can vary 4 degrees from the right side of my body to the left! Not only that, but when he put a blood pressure cuff around my right ankle and pumped it up to get the pressure. The compression of my nerves in the ankle caused my right foot to spasm (Thankfully not painfully) so that my foot pointed like a ballerina en pointe! After all the testing was done they set me up a another comfy recliner to run the protocols on the machine. After 15 minutes, I was yawning, by the end of the second protocol I was dozing, and at the end of the third they had to wake me up! It was great. I felt so relaxed, like I'd had a deep massage. Obviously my body LIKED having my sympathetic nervous system stimulated. Marybeth told me that if it worked it would make me sleepy. Guess what MB IT WORKED! I will be running two protocols tonight for 40 minutes each. (My husband has already told me he'd wake me up when the signal went off that the first one was done). LOL That's it for today. It's already 6pm here. HUMID as all get out and in the 90's. In a nutshell. So far so good. Blog atcha tomorrow!

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