Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Wrap-up

Halloween was great at my house. My husband and I sat on the porch and passed candy out to all the kids. We had OVER 100 fairies, witches, pirates and other assorted characters stop by. (We had 130 candy bars, gave ONE to each little ghoul and had only 3 left. We actually went inside with kids still out as we didn't want a group of kids come up and not have enough candy for the group. We know next year to have 200 bars)! An amazing number, especially since it was RAINING! Of course, the little one's are always my favorite. They are just too cute. We had several that could barely walk, holding mom or dads hand when they came up. Of course, it made me miss my grand kids even more as they are too far away for me to see their costumes. However, I have to say my favorite of the evening was a teeny one in a skunk costume who darted by the house. Too excited to even stop for candy. We laughed quite a bit over that one. With the rain it was a bit on the cool side, not to mention WET! That sure didn't stop the fun though. I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween as much as we did our!

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