Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Valor Update

Well, Mark heard from the vet about Valor's lab result. Kidney failure it is. The good news is that the shot Valor received from the vet yesterday to calm his tummy seems to have helped him. He kept down the small amount of mashed chicken, rice and green beans he had for dinner last night. His water consumption is still down, but Mark noticed the water level in his water bowl was a little lower this morning. Now, it's decision time. Valor is almost 10 and we have seen a big change in the last month, not to mention the five months before that. Do I selfishly hold on to him as long as I can, and he suffers. Or do I make a decision and help Valor go chase those butterflies in heaven sooner than I want him to? My head has already made the "rational" decision, but my heart is having a tough time.

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MS. ME said...

Sheesh, not an easy decision... I wish we had something like hospice care for our 4-legged loved ones. My vet luckily has a semi-hospice care network set up.... involves pain meds and constant contact with her, her nurses, and the other vets....

Glad the hurricane's out of the gulf this time on your visit to our wonderful state!! Glad the clinic is working for you...keep us updated!!