Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Treatment Day Three

I'm starting to feel some relief with the pain in my hip. It's not gone, but at least the "edge is off". Same with the thumbs. By Saturday I should notice an even bigger difference. I am hooked up to the machine as I type. I noticed something today. I've been in the chair about 2 months now and my arm strength has really improved! I can wheel myself pretty well in the morning. In the afternoon I tend to be toast as the MS fatigue wipes me out, but I'm pretty proud of myself. In the beginning I had wimp arms. I would be lucky if I could push myself 10 yards. Seriously pathetic. Heck of a way to get your arms in shape, but hey, whatever works! The weather here is seriously YUCK. Has rained every night and been gray every day. The worst part is the humidity! Like getting hit in the face with a hot wet towel every time you go outside. Needless to say, staying IN has been exactly what we've been doing. We go straight to the clinic for my treatments then back tot he hotel. Fortunately, the food at the hotel is both reasonable and we have not been doing anything remotely touristy. Which has actually been nice. Got to spend some quality time with hubby and relax. Down time is always welcome. It's been such a stressful past few months. It's nice just to relax. Anita fly's in tomorrow and hubby fly's out. I'll miss him, but it will be nice to have some serious girl time with Anita. We always seem to have lot's to gab about!

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