Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seasons and Blessings

Boy, am I glad I decided to take the chair out yesterday for a test drive. Yesterday was beautiful! Today it's in the upper 60's, cloudy and looks like rain. What a difference a day makes! Just shows how much things can change in just 24 hours. Not only the weather, but our lives and our outlook as well. As in life, I try to choose the positive. I enjoy the cooler temperatures for more than one reason. It's a lot easier on the MS for one and the changing seasons always remind me of the changing seasons of my life. Fall tends to make me introspective, more aware and more thankful for the blessings I have been given. Our lives have so many seasons, not just related to aging. Our careers, have seasons. We watch our children (if we have so been blessed) go through the seasons of their lives as supportive bystanders. Even MS has seasons, although I think MS's seasons are rather random and tend to be brutal. Right now I'm in the "Fall" of my life and perhaps the "Winter" of my career. I think my MS is in Spring (for now), sitting back and giving me a break. A break that hope hope is forever, but I'd be happy to go a year without another exacerbation. Now, I'm waiting. Waiting to see if I regain any of the function MS took from me over the past 6 months. I'm hopeful, optimistic, but not naive. I'm very aware my body couldn't have withstood what it did over the past six months without some residual damage. At least the vision in the right eye came back. It's not 100%, but I'm happy with what I have. It beats the alternative of a blind spot in my field of vision. I'm still trying to walk, and taking "facers" when I do. Hence I spend most of my time in a chair. Either the one with wheels or a recliner. I will still TRY to walk every chance I can. Even if it means my knees look like a 9 year olds. Heck of a way to relive your youth! I intend to enjoy this Season. Not only the weather season, but THIS season of my life. Despite all it's challenges and frustrations, the blessings far outweigh each of them. For that I am so grateful. So, I'll sit in front of the fireplace, quilt across my lap with Maggie curled on top. Valor lying at my feet and focus on the blessings I have.

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