Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Energy update

In spite of the emotional stress with Valor right now, I am pleased to say I'm seeing improvement (FINALLY) with the MS. As you know this summer was one long exacerbation that wouldn't ease up. As a result I had all kinds of new challenges. Optic Neuritis was a new experience and a wheelchair became my friend. What a summer! Being the scrapper that I am, I refused to just sit in a wheelchair and feel sorry for myself. (WAY to counterproductive). I tried to walk everyday. Even if all I could walk was from the chair and take two step to the recliner. Now, I'm probably spending half the day on my feet and half the day in the chair. It depends on my energy level and how strong my leg feels. This past week my energy level has really boosted up. In fact I felt so good on Saturday I did too much and as a result was down Sunday with zero energy. I hope to get to the point where soon I will only use the chair for energy conservation. Meaning if I'm out and about to shop etc. My right eye is a bit better, but still has some to go. Other MSers have told me that after their bouts with optic neuritis it took some of them a year before their eyes were "back to normal", so I have to be patient with that. At least I don't have a large black area in my vision anymore. My hands are still hit and miss. My fine motor skills with my hands can vary from day to day. So that may be something that just "Is the way it is". (You know I wrote that just for you Mom :0)~ So, it seems my body IS rebounding from the exacerbation. Thank God. A reminder to never give up. No matter how tough things are, or how bad they seem. Give the challenges to God, then give him time to work.

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