Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great Day...doin the Happy dance!

Today was treatment day 7. I feel great. My mid back pain is completely gone as is my hand pain. The left hip, knee and leg are still an issue as is the lower back. However, even they have improved. When I came back my average pain level was 9 I'm now down to 4.5. Of course, the relief lasts about 3-4 hours and then my body tells me it's time for another treatment. Once again, you never realize how MUCH pain you were in until you get relief. Here's another BIG improvement. I walked into the clinic. No chair. Of course, I was wobbly, but I did it! My fatigue level is still an issue, but that's more than simply the MS. It's also related to the fact that I don't sleep and I absolutely REFUSE to take sleeping medication. I run a sleep protocol and eventually it will work. It will just take some time, and I'm patient......well, I try to be. :) So, I am definitely doing the happy dance! I have two more days of treatment before I go home and I know I'll be feeling even better on Thursday. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to visit Dr. Rhodes in Corpus Christy! I am SO glad (and Blessed) that our family found him. (Thank you MB)! Dr. Rhodes talked to me today about my next visit. When I come back we're going to start working on getting me off some of the medications I take now. It would be wonderful to be off the Neurontin and Klonopin at the very least. If his other MS patients and chronic pain patients can get off their meds, I am very optimistic that with his help I can too!

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