Monday, November 10, 2008

Day One in Texas

Wrapping up day one in Corpus Christy. Was only at the clinic for about two hours. Testing showed it was definitely time to change my settings (but I already knew that). The big focus for today was treating my hip pain. We ran a few protocols on the new settings. It will be a few days of running protocols to really start seeing a difference, but I know it works. I am still amazed at the success the clinic has had with treating not only chronic pain patients, but MS patients, renal patients and diabetics to name a few. It's not about "curing" the illnesses but treating the symptoms. This leads to a higher quality of life, and who doesn't want that! I'm here for almost 2 weeks this time, so we will have more opportunity for running new protocols and trying different beat frequencies. The weather here is overcast, windy and HUMID. It rained last night and looks like it could easily rain again tonight. The rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful after Wednesday. Mark fly's home Thursday and a girlfriend fly's in to be here for the rest of my treatments. Of course, as "Lucy and Lucy" we're bound to generate a zany story or two!

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