Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Been a heck of a few days. My dog, Valor, who is almost 10 has been sick. I've noticed a decline in the past few months and now he's sick. Each feeding is a gamble it seems. His ability to keep food down is hit and miss. We're now mashing green beans for him, soaking his kibble until it's mush and mixing it with rice. Feeding him about 2 tablespoons at a feeding to try and help his stomach keep it down. More worrisome is the fact he has almost completely stopped drinking and he's had some swelling in his rear legs. Today he's going back to the vet for the third time in 2 weeks. I pray I don't have to make a difficult decision. I was always hoping that when his time came he would go quietly in his sleep, chasing a butterfly to the heavens. Not looking at me with sad brown eyes, as if he's telling me "It's almost time". It's amazing how much our "pets" come to mean to us. For some, they will say, "he's just a dog" and don't understand the emotional attachment. Some, will understand completely as their "pets" are just as much family to them as Valor is to my husband and I. Valor of course, is so much more. Our friends know his history and how Valor and I became a "team" and I can't imagine my life without my "partner". I'll keep everyone posted on the blog. Please say some prayers for Valor. I pray for more time. I pray the vet can come up with a "magic pill" to give us more time, and if he can't I pray that God gives me the strength to do what's best for Valor and not what's easiest for me.


MS. ME said...

My Emma will be 10 in January... I will be saying many, many, many prayers for Valor! I hope he gets to chase his butterflies... : ]

Kimberly said...

Thanks Ms. Me. :0)