Monday, November 17, 2008


It so figures. Just when I'm noticing an improvement in my pain level with the treatments...wham....a cold. Started oh so subtly with a mild cough a few days ago. Now it's a full fledged almost constant cough, stuffed up head and sore throat. Anita (my friend who flew out to Texas to stay with me when Mark went back home) is sick too. The only good things about our colds are a). We feel too crappy to go out and shop (much to our husbands relief), b). (For me anyway), Dr. Rhodes has a cold a flu protocol for the machine and c). We should both be recovered by Thanksgiving. They ran the cold/flu protocol for me today at the clinic. After 30 minutes I could actually breathe through my nose. Of course, I can't run it constantly so I have a Vicks patch on tonight. Hopefully that will help keep both my nose and chest from being too congested through the night. Of course, I'm blaming this on the weird weather we've had here. The first 3 days I was here it rained every night and was humid as all get out during the day. Then it got chilly. Then it was beautiful and 80 degrees and the very next day in the 50's, windy and gray. It might get COLD at my place....but at least it stays that way! I never know how to dress here from one day to the next. I just hope we're feeling better by Thursday as that's our travel day to return home. I sure don't want to bring this home to Mark. UGH.

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