Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finished Week 1

Week one of treatments are done. Now on the best frequency for my body and Dr. Rhodes increased the intensity as well. I'm now at 2. The nerves of MS patients are very sensitive (makes sense) and as Dr. Rhodes said, "You can't push their treatment. With other chronic diseases and chronic pain patients you can". Meaning that the intensity level is usually pretty low. While 2 is low I was doing a mental "Happy Dance" when they were able to increase it that high. My previous intensity level was .5. Yep POINT 5. ANYTHING higher than that I could feel. Not painfully, however, your NOT supposed to feel anything. That's how sensitive my nerves were. So being at 2 is a big deal for me. I had a long conversation with one of the other physicians in the clinic, Dr. B (I can't pronounce or spell his name). He is VERY into holistic treatments and he sent my husband home with a "recipe" to treat my drinking water which will add a mineral to it. (We're going to have a mini science lab in the garage). I also talked a bit with Dr. Rhodes about MY MS. It's hard to see the DVD that highlights his patients with MS who have done so incredibly well that they are off their meds. Having the opportunity to talk to a few of his other MS patients face to face while they are there for treatment is wonderful, hearing their stories and seeing how they are walking and off most if not all MS related meds. I'm thrilled for each of them but then, there is me. In a chair and on the meds. Dr. Rhodes put it very simply, "There are those who respond very quickly, there are those that respond in a few months, and then there is you. You just need more time. We will get you there". Brings me to the thought, "Why the hell does everything have to be so flipping hard for me"? Yes, I DO see improvements, heck I'm on intensity 2! It really helps with the pain and obviously it's helping with the nerves as they are not as hypersensitive as they were. (Dr. B says that if that continues they may be able to work with my home MD and wean me off the Neurontin next year). I am SO thankful for the positive results I've seen. Perhaps part of my frustration is I have so many other things in my life to deal with I just want ONE of them to resolve itself. In an ideal world it would be the MS. Of course, I also realize part of my frustration right now is the loss of Valor. That's another entry. I just keep telling's not not the patience of Job I want.....I want to maintain the FAITH he had. So, I continue step at a time. Focusing on the Blessings and knowing that there IS a reason He allows things to happen. It's all part of the Journey we call Life. I just wish the journey wasn't so rough sometimes!

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