Friday, November 14, 2008

Treatment Day Four Came and Went

Yesterday was a busy day. Treatments at 10 am, lunch then to the airport to pick Anita up and sent Mark homeward. I missed my husband before he even left. Such is life. Anita and I then went shopping for staples. We both decided to eat in as much as possible. I introduced Anita to HEB Plus. A mega store her. Sure wish we had one of these in my home neck of the woods. MUCH better than a Walmart. Of course, we were there for over an hour. YIKES. By the time we got to the room got everything put away and Anita unpack we were too tired to eat dinner! So, I did a little reading on my Kindle then TRIED to sleep. I think I managed to pull off about 2 hours. Insomnia sucks. That's one of the things we're really working on this time. In addition to the back pain, hip and pelvis pain, thumb pain and the MS. The fall I took in May just started a downwards spiral that we're trying to get a handle on. As we all know, stress exacerbates MS. Trying to find a balance when LIFE is filled with stress is challenging enough. Throw in unexpected negative stressors and often MS feels like a battle I can't win. That's where sheer grit and determination comes in as well as the willingness to try "alternative" treatments. I refuse to give up. I have to much NOT to give up for. Looking back it;s been a really challenging 6 months. The fall, the stress, the summer filled with exacerbation's, the chair and the loss of Valor last week. I often wonder when life is going to get any easier. Then i watch the news and realize it could be so much worse. My challenge is my health. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and a large circle of friends an family that love and support me. I'd rather have that than health and be alone like so many are.

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