Tuesday, November 11, 2008


No matter how strong your faith or how strong your sense of "self" is.....we are bound to ponder the "WHYS" of life. Whether it be a natural disaster that occurs and you watch the rescue efforts on T.V. from the comfort of your living room, or a personal struggle or hardship. You look up to the heavens and ask "WHY". We all come to points in our lives in which "WHY" is the predominant question in our life. Unfortunately, there is seldom a clear answer. So, we are left to move forward, one step at a time. Hopefully, successfully over coming whatever struggle we were wading through. I myself have had such tremendous highs this year as well as traumatic lows. It seems life IS a roller coaster. Full of heart pounding highs and stomach dropping lows. The highs of my life this year was marrying my best friend, dancing at my wedding, seeing my family again and realizing how deeply my friends loved me (as well as seeing WHO they really are). The lows were the MS, the fall, and the loss of Valor. Fortunately, God is wise. He makes sure, like a roller coaster, the highs are mixed with the lows. I'm not exactly sure where I am on the coaster ride. Lately it seems that I've been on the down slope of the coaster. Holding on for dear life as it screams down. I keep waiting for it to hit the "dip" and begin the upward climb again. Allowing me to take a deep breath, wipe my palms of my jeans and perhaps laugh while I await the next dip.

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