Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Round 3 infusion complete.

Finished the last infusion about 30 minutes ago. IV out, and I'm trying to eat some cream of wheat. Every bite tastes like I'm sucking on an old penny. Even Altoids doesn't help the terrible taste in my mouth. Drinking fluid? Forget it right now. Can't even begin to describe how awful liquid tastes. YUCK. I've really puffed up with this round of steroids. All I can get into is a pair of sweats. At least their comfy! Hopefully this is the LAST round of steroids EVER! OF course, I hope that every time. I'm going to spend my day being still and quiet. Just resting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,

IV Solumedrol (IVSM) is never fun. All the things you have written about are common with it and one never gets used to it.

I try to stick to oral prednisone and taper down instead of jumping into IVSM for each flare. Sometimes a flare lasts a week, sometimes a month. But because I HATE IVSM, I'll take oral prednisone any day of the week. (Sometimes it is Decadron, same difference.)

I know you will start to get your taste buds back soon and that loathing crash and burn a couple of days after infusions is a pain in the butt. But hopefully the IVSM did you some good.

I looked into your older posts and you wrote that you take Rebif and have been on other CRAB drugs in the past. Sometimes an exacerbation coming up so close on one that just ended can be read as one long exacerbation. Which in turn means up to 8 days or longer for IVSM.

And more intense side effects - taste, sight, energy, insomnia, etc.

I know when I am infusing, I have to up my Nexium because the heartburn is unbearable. I also have to take insulin because IVSM shoots up blood sugar (hence vision changes for some people). As for sleep, nada....I have the cleanest house in the neighborhood and I have usually alphabetized my reading material and bill box.

So know that you are not alone. We all hate it but give in to it because it does help get over the hump (flare).

I have added you to my list of MS bloggers and hope you have time to visit my blog and the list of our MS community.

Hang in there. This too shall pass.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the comment. One of the best things about blogging is the support you get from others who know EXACTLY what your going through!

I'll check out your blog and add your link to mine!