Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Texas to try another treatment.

As I've posted on here previously, there is a physician in Corpus Christi Texas who developed a machine (approved by the FDA) for use with patients with chronic pain conditions.(Of course considered experimental for MS so the insurance company won't pay because I don't have a chronic pain condition diagnosis). (See the link area for the link to Dr. Rhodes). He has also has very promising success with helping MS patients control their symptoms using the machine as well. Apparently the machine stimulates our body's to make neuropepides, which not only increases the amount of neuropeptides you have, but also increase blood circulation which aids in healing. I have requested an MS patient who has been using the machine for several months to post a comment here. She can explain at this point much better than I can exactly how it works and what it's done for her. My husband and I will be heading to the clinic next month. I of course, will travel with lap top and blog about my experience.

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