Thursday, August 07, 2008


There are so many treatments available for MS patients. Both traditional and "non-traditional". The most difficult decision for each of us is choosing the treatment that is best for us. What works for one, may not for another. Decisions are made based on lifestyle, quality of life, side effects and financial considerations. What is an important factor for one person isn't for another. Opinions often vary greatly from patient to patient and physician to physician. I tried the Dynatron machine again. Twice yesterday. The first time I was only able to last 29 seconds on it, and the second 34 seconds. Of course, this, as all other treatments, isn't meant to be a "miracle cure" and is something that must be utilized over time. The challenge is, since it is a treatment not covered by insurance. Is this something I will follow up with. It would require a trip out of state, treatment, testing, airfare, hotel etc, as well as purchasing the machine. All out of pocket since, even thought he machine IS FDA approved, it's not a "traditional" MS treatment. Therefore, not a covered benefit. How frustrating is that. They will pay the amazing price the pharmacy gets for my Rebif injections every month. (Not to mention all the other meds). Yet, won't even consider a treatment, that if it works, would save them almost 20,000 a year for my injections alone. Kinda like the insurance mindset of "we won't pay for a weight loss program, but we'll pay for the heart cath and open heart surgery after you have the heart attack that losing weight most likely would have prevented. Geesh. I'll be trying the machine a few more times over the next few days. I see the neurologist on Tuesday and I will be discussing the Dynatron therapy along with other options. This has been a tough summer with exacerbation's, so I'm anxious to hear what he will have to say. I'll also be resuming my physical theraphy schedule of 3 times per week, and talking to the neurologist about adding occupational theraphy as well. Trying to keep one step ahead of MS tends to be hard work when it rears it's head!

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