Monday, August 04, 2008

"Pretty darn good"

No major episodes of spasicity last night. Amazing what a difference a night without them makes. Especially after a run of 4 nights in a row. Slept well. Woke up thankful that I actually slept and had a pain free night. Of course, my body needed time to recover. I woke feeling energetic and rested, then TWF arrived with lunch. It was all I could so to stay awake. So, I gave in and decided to take a nap as soon as lunch was over. I awoke several hours later and was time to get up and dress for dinner! Lasted through dinner (if flourless chocolate cake wasn't on the desert menu I would have passed on desert and went back to bed), barely. Mark brought me back to our room and I'm quickly blogging before turning in for the night. (Mark went back out with the family). Time has taught me not the fight the TWF when it hits. Especially after the past week. Sometimes the TWF is simply my bodies way of taking the time it needs to recharge and recover. While I'm tired, I feel pretty darn good for a change. I was beginning to forget what "pretty darn good" feels like!

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