Sunday, August 03, 2008

Looking on the bright side.

Another pain filled evening last night with spasticity. At least today is another day and, for the moment, the spasms are finished. Of course, from the waist down my body feels like someone beat the H*&^ out of me. You know. If we could figure out a way to have "gentle" spasicity for about 30 minutes per day on all major muscle groups, we'd all be in great shape with wonderful "hard" bodies, and never have to hit the gym. Gee you'd think there would be SOME benefit for all the spams and pain!

Another wonderful side benefit to all the steroids of late. My hair is falling out! In handfuls. Well, I always wanted to be able to change my look on a daily basis. This is a wonderful opportunity to try out wig wearing. brunette bob.......tomorrow blonde with flowing locks. Hey, you gotta look on the bright side of everything!

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