Monday, August 11, 2008

The "black box"....

I received an email today from someone who reads my blog. She is facing a health challenge. One not related to MS. However, in addition to her health issue, she is facing a challenge common to many who are dealing with a crisis. Whether that crisis be health related or of a personal nature. That challenge is depression. (I referred to my own recent battle with depression in a recent blog. I called it (depression) the "black box"). In her email she eloquently stated that she is in her "black box" and fighting the desire to "simply curl up in a fetal position". She further stated that reading my blog helps her and she checks it daily. To her, I want to say thank you. I'm glad I'm helping and making a difference. (I also sent her a private email).

The "black box" is a scary place to visit, in the beginning. Then, it can actually become a place filled with false comfort. That's when the "black box" is most scary. It isolates you from life and everyone who cares about you. To anyone who battles Depression or even thinks they might be. PLEASE talk to your doctor. Depression is a serious MEDICAL condition. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative stereotypes about it in the society we live in. However, like cancer, diabetes and MS, it's an illness. It's also treatable. You don't have to stay trapped in the "black box". There is help and hope. Always remember that tomorrow isn't just another day. Tomorrow is a step FORWARD in your journey. Every tomorrow gives you another opportunity to have a BETTER day, a better life. Another chance to start again. Every day is filled with the new promise of hope, a cure, a new treatment. Never forget that no matter how dark life may seem there is ALWAYS someone willing to grasp your hand....if you simply reach out. Even a blogger.

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