Sunday, August 24, 2008

Benefits of MS

Hey, I actually found a benefit to having MS! Steroids always take everything out of me and wire me at the same time. Not a good combination. On top if it it makes my heart pound with the least bit of excitement or exertion which further limits my ability to get around. (not to mention the MS limits that all on it's own)! However, being "wired" I just had to MOVE and get out of the house. Mark wanted to show me something at Home's the benefit of MS. Even with the cane there was no way I could walk around that huge cavern. My chest was bounding just walking from the handicapped spot to the door. So I rode around on one of those electric orange shopping carts. LOL. At a whopping 2 miles an hour! BEEP BEEP. Of course with the cane in the basket no one shot me any of those "your don't LOOK handicapped glares". So, I had an outing (Even if it was Home Depot) and at least got out of the house. See. Even having MS has it's perks! LOL

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