Friday, August 08, 2008

Dynatron STS

Attempted the Dynatron STS machine again this evening. This time we changed the frequency to a lower frequency as well as placement of some of the electrodes. Instead of just placing the electrodes on my hands, we placed them on my hands as well as my upper arms. I was able to last 2 minutes before I started getting some tingling on my right thumb. Two minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but considering I was only able to last 34 seconds on the previous frequency, 2 minutes in a significant step forward. We're going to try several sessions tomorrow to see if I continue to tolerate the new frequency better and increase the time. (Sessions also have to be a minimum of 3 hours apart). Wish I could say I felt a difference, but like most treatments for anything, it takes time to see any difference/improvement. With MS, sometimes the "improvement" is simply more time between exacerbation's with less residual damage following an exacerbation. Have been experiencing more periods of "numbness" with my lower extremities. Today my right heel was numb for the majority of the day. Made walking a weird experience. The muscle spasticity is much improved over this time last week. Have had periodic episodes, but nothing compared to last week. Thank God. Seems that lately, everyday the journey has taken me into new directions. Whether that direction being the experience of trying an "alternative" treatment or having new symptoms. That's just part of MS, or life in general for that fact. After all, doesn't everyone wake with the uncertainty of not knowing what road our individual journey will take us on that day? Will the road be smooth and straight or filled with sharp curves and bumps? MS doesn't guarantee a more difficult daily journey any more than a "healthy" person is guaranteed an easy one. That's where personal perspective and trying to maintain a positive outlook becomes so important. Often, in any of our lives, our attitude and outlook are the only things we have any control of at all.

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