Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another bump.

Darn IV went bad. Waiting for my home health nurse to come over to restart the IV. IVs HURT and I'm a tough stick on top of it. Not a good morning. No sleep because of being wired from the steroids and now my dose (which is usually infused BY 9 am) likely won't be done until this afternoon. . I'm also irritable as all get out. Not fit for public consumption that's for sure. At least I recognize it. My memory is getting worse as well. Thankfully I know that this time it's related to the steroids and not a worsening of the memory issues I have as a result of the June exacerbation! At least I only have 2 doses to go. I'm still waiting for the insurance authorization to see Dr. Geisser at UCLA again. Darn insurance company's. URGENT referral can take 3-5 business days for approval. Then they have to notify your MD, who in turn lets you know. Then it will depend on how quickly Dr. Geisser can see me. The journey continues......

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