Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is there anything worse than....

STEROIDS?!? I'm going to be starting the last infusion in the series of 5 in about a half an hour. Saying I feel like death warmed over is an overstatement. I don't even feel that well. The heartburn is do bad I feel like I'm on fire from the throat down to by belly button. My stomach is cramping and has been all night (lovely) and my mood is so black that I feel as if I could erupt into a plate throwing rage at in moment with no provocation a tall. PERFECT. The only bright spot is that I'm alone, so there is no one here to be on the receiving end of my sparking wit and personality today. At least today is the last infusion so I'll start feeling better by tomorrow night and by Sunday will be almost human again. I just wonder. How much hair will I have left by the end of next week??? Thank goodness for weeks!

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