Friday, January 02, 2009

Post Holiday....

The festive ornaments are coming down. Families have returned to their homes and re-entered the "real world". I've always wondered why we can't keep that wonderful holiday spirit all year round. You know what I'm talking about. I never had more strangers offer to help me in my wheelchair than over the holiday's. Seems that once the holidays are over I become invisible again. I'm sure each of you that have an obvious disability have had the same experience. Folks tend to either stare or refuse to look at you. They pull their children away, as if they are afraid they will "catch" what ever you have. I enjoy the innocence of a young child. They will walk right up and ask about the chair and why I'm in it. Of course, a parent quickly swoops down telling them that they were bad for asking. I always say I don't mind. I really don't. I wish adults were as straight forward and honest. These days I'm really trying to spend less time in the chair and use the walker or, God Forbid. The cane. The cane is the WORST for stabilizing my balance. As I find myself loosing my balance I'm waving the cane around in the air like it's a nun-chuck as I promptly do a facer. The walker is a little better. Sometimes. My problem is three fold. My balance will suddenly just go, or I'll go to take a step and my left leg doesn't support me. So even with the walker I do a facer. The chair is much safer for me and I'm adjusting to being in it. Now when I sit in it it feels like "home". I feel safe there. Of course being in the chair brings it's own challenges. It's a pain to get out and about. My New Years Resolution is to get OUT of the chair. However, the chair is a big benefit as far as energy conservation. That's often my biggest issue. So, in 2009 I will keep plugging along. Trying my darnedest to get better. I run my programs faithfully and they ARE helping. I'll be going back sometime this spring for a "tune up". I wonder if Dr. Rhodes has a program that will help me lose weight???? Dr. Rhodes.....are you reading???

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