Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MS and Work

I'd be very interested to hear how you balance MS and work. Especially if you have limitations related to your MS. I've been off work since last May because of a fall I had that injured my left hip. (I hope to be cleared to go back to work in February). How do those of you who use devices or battle fatigue deal with it when you work? Do you find your employer to be supportive? Have you even disclosed to your employer that you have MS?

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Anonymous said...

I just started a new part time job on Jan 5. I did not tell them I have MS. I did tell them that I cannot work two days in a row and that I only want part time work up to 8 days a month. By law they can't ask me what my disease is but can ask about ADA accommodations. So I stated the no two days in a row and up to 8 days a month.

So far so good.

As far as symptoms on the job, I get plenty of rest between my two work days and that helps me a lot.