Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Victory...I think.

I think I'm starting to feel better. I think. At least my head isn't as stopped up as it was. Petunia has spent the majority of the day outside as I was tired of the "Let's play with mommy's cane" game that was going on. I have a hard enough time staying upright without playing tug of war with a 30 pound bulldog. Thank you very much. I know what the training topic will be for her when I'm feeling better. It's really amazing how quickly she learned to respect the wheelchair. (Of course having her paw run over MAY have had something to do with it. Although it may take ME months to get over the guilt. Thankfully she wasn't hurt). Now.. I just have to get her over her cane fetish. Tonight is once again shot night. I seem to observe the passage of time by how quickly "shot night" to rolls around, and it seems to roll around faster and faster each week. I wonder if that's an indicator of how I dread injection night or simply that time seems to pass faster and faster the older I get.

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